They call me crazy - Eine Theateraufführung des Sprachprofils

Die Schülerinnen und Schüler des Sprachprofils (S4P1, Spielleitung: T. Weggler) präsentierten am 07.04. und 09.04. ihre Eigenproduktion “They call me crazy”, frei nach Motiven des Films "Girl Interrupted" in englischer Sprache.

They call me crazy„Sometimes, the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy“ – Girl Interrupted. But how do you know you have crossed the narrow path between „a little crazy“ and mentally ill? We, the S4P1, have tried to answer this question in a playful yet dark interpretation of the film "Girl Interrupted". Experience how relationships are torn apart and how this leads to an unexpected and tragic turning point... Highschool graduate Susanna Kayson finds herself at the crossroads when her parents sent her to a mental institution against here will after a suicide attempt. Here she is confronted with the outlaws of society: pathological liars, drug addicts, sociopaths as well as anorexic and schizophrenic girls. In their every day struggle they fight their diseases even though some of them are still in denial. In this chaos some seek friendships, while others manipulate and intrigue in order to spice up their daily routine. Mainly responsible for this disruptive behavior is sociopath and long-term patient Lisa. Some fear her, some follow her, but after all nobody really knows her. The one who has to suffer the most is Daisy who is just about be released. Soon enough she finds Lisa to ruin her plans. Trying to support their patients through their process of recovery the doctors also have to face their own problems. By keeping a diary Susanna tries to cope with all these challenging impressions. „They call me crazy“ puts mental illness in a different light by conveying it in a morbid yet somehow humorous atmosphere. Based in the 60’s, our play is adapted from the movie „Girl Interrupted“ by James Mangold. Come and join us at the 7th and 9th of April in the Aula at 7 p.m. in our last play at the EWG!