17 boys and one girl are trapped in a maze created by a group of obsessed scientists to save the world: This is the dystopia told in our play “Trapped” directed by Mrs. Jaeger and performed by the students of S2P1 (Grade 11, Sprach-Profil). After three months of getting to know each other and having chosen the story of “The Maze Runner, we started working on our adaption of Dashner’s vision of the future. One part of the process was to create new characters in addition to the already existing ones. By slipping into different roles we could identify with various characters and consequently some of us discovered new character traits of their our own personalities. This is only one of numerous positive rewards that working on “Trapped” had to offer, including the development of self-confidence, creativity and performance skills. Furthermore, the messages of our play touching values such as trust, friendship, hope and solidarity reflect the atmosphere in our class. We hope that the audience on 22 June will like our play as much as we enjoyed developing it. All in all, we can say that it was great fun and we want to encourage our spectators as well as everyone else to benefit from the experience of producing a play as we did with “Trapped” (Lucas Pietrapiana and Tjorven Nörenberg, S2P1)