EXIT. Memories of a Future

Inspiriert von der Serie “The Leftovers” hat das Sprachenprofil S2P1 (Frau Schott) eine eigene Zukunftsvision in seiner innerhalb des Theaterunterrichts entstandenen Eigenproduktion  "EXIT. Memories of a Future" am 13. und 14. Juni in der Aula auf die Bühne gebracht. Hier eine Einführung in die Produktion in englischer Sprache:
2% of the world’s population is gone. From one second to the next. How do people cope? What if there was a way to virtually recreate your lost loved ones? Inspired by the series “The Leftovers”, P1 is creating their very own vision of the future in this emotional play. In September, we started working on the most prominent element of theatre: the body. After a short excursion into the field of dance theatre, we covered primary theatrical techniques and methods such as subtext, hot chair, freeze, statues, choir and many more. Meanwhile, we narrowed our extensive topic selection down to two: “Our Vision of the Future” and “The Leftovers”. In a process involving drafting, writing, editing, eliminating, rethinking, rehearsing and arranging, our play evolved, centering on loss, technology, the future and making choices in life. The time has now come for us to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and turn our attention to the secondary theatrical means such as lights, sound, make-up, costumes, props and scenery in order to keep you at the edge of your seat when we perform on June 13th and 14th 2017. (So)